Remote Learning

What is the daily schedule

  • Daily small-group Pride (advisory) time focused on community building and sisterhood
  • Live video lessons led by our wonderful team of teachers
  • Students will receive a weekly class schedule that will include links to all Live Zoom Classes
  • Final schedule to be released shortly pending additional input

What technology will students use?

  • Free Chromebooks and hotspots/internet to all students
  • Google Classroom and Zoom
  • Updates for additional online learning platforms will be shared prior to the first day of school.

What are attendance expectations?

  • Students will be required to attend each virtual class
  • KCGPA will communicate immediately if a student is not present in a class
  • Families will be asked to communicate in advance if your student is unable to attend a virtual class

What if students are absent from classes?

  • All daily live lessons will be recorded and uploaded to your student’s Google Classroom
  • Students will be required to make-up missed learning and assignments

What supplies does my student need?

  • Families will be asked to supply their students with writing utensils, paper and a dedicated location to complete their work
  • KCGPA will provide all other supplies that students will need during virtually learning
  • More detailed information on distribution of technology and learning materials will be communicated soon

Will my student need a school uniform next year?

  • Students will not need to wear a school uniform during remote learning
  • If/when we return to in-person school we will share updates to our uniform policy

How will students get time for community and relationship building

  • Community building will occur within content lessons and daily Pride (advisory)
  • Pride leaders will have biweekly 1 on 1 check-in’s with students to establish strong, positive relationships
  • Students will continue to participate in Circle twice a week
  • Our school Social Worker will be available to support students with social emotional needs through open office hours, 1 on 1 sessions, and small group sessions

Will my student be able to receive school breakfast and lunch?

  • Yes, KCGPA will continue to provide meal boxes including 5 breakfasts and 5 lunches weekly to families
  • All meals will be delivered each Monday, if school is not in session on a Monday, deliveries will occur on Tuesday

What if my student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or needs additional learning support?

  • All student support for Exceptional Learners and/or English as a New Language Learners will be provided remotely
  • IEP team meetings will happen remotely
  • If requested by the family, the Manager of Student Support will facilitate meetings with parents in person



Decision-Making and Family Engagement

How did you make this reopening decision?

  • Ultimately, this decision was driven by public health data and guidance
  • We gathered input from public health officials, publicly available data, conversations with team members, and surveys of our families
  • See our family survey data for more information

How can I contribute to decisions and planning moving forward? 

  • We will host monthly “Family Dinners” for families
  • To sign up, please click here or contact Jahna Riley, our Family and Community Engagement Coordinator, at jriley@kcgpa.org or 816-268-2573

What criteria are we using to decide when it’s safe to return in person?  

  • We use public health guidance and data relating to three questions:
    • How likely is it that someone with coronavirus will be part of our school community (community spread)?  
    • Can we meet the CDC’s reopening criteria within our school building?
    • Does our team feel safe to return in person? 
  • Please see our full decision criteria and current data here

What’s the timeline for revisiting this decision? 

  • We are planning for an 18 to 33 month “new normal”
  • With incomplete data and significant risk, we aim to make slow, careful decisions
  • To ensure predictability and clarity for team members and families, we will switch to in person learning only at the beginning of a quarter: 
    • Quarter 2 - Mon, Oct. 26
    • Quarter 3 - Tues, Jan. 19
    • Quarter 4 - Mon, March 22
  • Families will receive notification of a return to in person learning one month in advance of a change
  • Prior to switching, we will take a 5 day in-service period with no live remote learning to train staff on safety protocols and adjust curricula