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Developing Our Students

Developing Our Students:
In affiliation with the Young Women's Leadership Network, KC Girls Prep will use a teaching model that has proven results.
  • College preparatory focused                                    
  • Open to girls of all academic abilities 
  • High-quality learning opportunities in and out of school 
  • College Bound initiative provides college awareness and access opportunities to every student 
  • Serves predominantly low-income students 
Proven Results:
  • 95% + graduation rate
  • Nearly 100% college acceptance rate, with majority accepted into 4-year colleges 
  • $20,000 average student aid package annually 
Based on community needs, the Young Women's Leadership Network Model and our values we created a 5 Pillar "House" to ensure our young women receive exceptional education and develop empowering leadership skills. 
 Pillar 1: Social and Emotional Learning 
  • Daily advisory leveraging a sophisticated, science-based social and emotional learning (SEL) model 
  • SEL integration into staff development and content/curricula 
  • Restorative justice
  • Clear expectations and consequences, with gradual release of responsibility 
  • 200:1 student to counselor/social worker ratio
Pillar 2: Content-Focused Literacy 
  • Content-driven literacy development grounded in evidence-based research 
  • Humanities Class: Blended ELA and Social Studies standards with grade-level, complex texts to ensure equity of access
  • Balanced Literacy: Personalized support at text on quantitatively and qualitatively appropriate levels to ensure rapid growth 
  • Content-rich text sets in all classes
Pillar 3: STEAM
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) classes build conceptual understanding and interdisciplinary connections
  • Grounded in Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards
  • Inquiry-based, hands-on learning 
  • Opens doors to a vast array of future opportunities for young women 
Pillar 4: Standards and Competency Based Learning 
  • Mastery-focused standards and competency based curricula and grading 
  • Focus on students' mastery of knowledge and kills over "seat time"
  • Data driven supports to develop both advanced and struggling students' learning needs:
    • Differentiated whole group instruction 
    • Targeted small group instruction 
    • Personalized learning 
    • Tutoring
Pillar 5: Teacher and Leadership Development
  • Cycles of Professional Learning: ongoing weekly professional development, coaching, and collaboration with colleagues 
  • Additional 30 full days of PD per year                             
  • Text-based personalized learning 
  • Expert partners such as ANet, NCTM, Relay GSE, Student Achievement Partners, UChicago STEP, Unbound, etc.