Our mission is to develop young women to use their voices, succeed in college, and lead impactful, meaningful lives.


The three parts of this mission require

  • relationship-based social and emotional learning
  • rigorous academics
  • opportunities to explore ourselves and our purpose in life


KC Girls Prep at a Glance

  • Single-gender, open enrollment charter public school 
  • Affiliate of the Young Women's Leadership Schools, a network of all-girls schools funded in 1996 that has ensured college access for thousands of young women in low-income neighborhoods
  • Extended school day and year to ensure 25% more instructional time
  • No tuition, fees, or admission exams 
  • Designed to serve a diverse population from across KCPS backgrounds 
  • Designed to serve students with learning disabilities and English Language Learners exceptionally well
Partnering with Our Community 
KC Girls Prep strives to meet the needs of the families and communities it will serve. More than a year before its launch, Girls Prep began hosting monthly Community Design Collaboratives and Family Dinners to regularly engage community members in the school's design. 
These ongoing conversations will continue as KC Girls Prep grows. Our school team knows that we need consistent community and family voices to help us achieve our shared mission of student success. 

Developing Our Students
In affiliation with the Young Women's Leadership Schools, KC Girls Prep uses a teaching model that has proven results.
  • College preparatory focused                                    
  • Open to girls of all academic abilities 
  • High-quality learning opportunities in and out of school 
  • College Bound initiative provides college awareness and access opportunities to every student 
  • Serves predominantly low-income students 
Proven Results:
  • 95% + graduation rate
  • Nearly 100% college acceptance rate, with majority accepted into 4-year colleges 
  • $20,000 average student aid package annually 
Based on community input and the Young Women's Leadership Schools, and our values, KC Girls Prep uses a "House" with 5 pillars to ensure our young women receive an exceptional education and develop true leadership skills. 
 Pillar 1: Social and Emotional Learning 
  • Daily advisory leveraging a sophisticated social and emotional learning (SEL) model
  • SEL integration into staff development and content/curricula 
  • Restorative justice
  • Clear expectations and consequences, with gradual release of responsibility 
  • 200:1 student to School Counselor ratio
Pillar 2: Content-Focused Literacy 
  • Content-driven literacy development grounded in evidence-based research 
  • Humanities Class: Blended English and History content to help students understand history through multiple perspectives
  • Balanced Literacy: Personalized support at a student's reading level to ensure rapid, consistent growth 
Pillar 3: STEAM
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) classes build conceptual understanding and interdisciplinary connections
  • Grounded in Common Core State Standards and Next Generation Science Standards
  • Inquiry-based, hands-on learning 
  • Opens doors to a vast array of future opportunities for young women 
Pillar 4: Standards and Competency Based Learning 
  • Mastery-focused standards and competency based curricula and grading 
  • Focus on students' mastery of knowledge and kills over "seat time"
  • Data driven supports to develop both advanced and struggling students' learning needs:
Pillar 5: Teacher and Leadership Development
  • Cycles of Professional Learning: ongoing weekly professional development, coaching, and collaboration with colleagues 
  • Additional 30 full days of PD per year                             
  • Expert external partners such as Achievement Network, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Relay Graduate School of Education, Student Achievement Partners, UChicago STEP Literacy, UnboundEd, and Promise54